Willow Family Health

Ethical neurodiversity-affirming Family Telehealth for a modern age.

Willow Family Health offers Group, Family, and Couples Therapy. The Willow team is made up exclusively of trained systems therapists who will help you heal the whole family, not just one person at a time. Our dedicated relational team also offers relational group therapy opportunities to augment your therapy work. Current clients at Willow have the opportunity to join specialized groups when appropriate to enhance the family therapy work.

Willow Family Health was founded from the ground up to ensure families receive targeted, systemic therapy services from practitioners specifically trained to work with the whole family, not just one person at a time.

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Continuing Education Homestudy from Willow Health

Mother Matters: Clinical Practice with BIPOC Mothers

In America, Black and Indigenous Persons of Color (BIPOC) and women are often forgotten and unseen. A history of oppression through slavery, misogyny and social systems have been well-documented since 1619. These systems and treatment of Black and BIPOC women and mothers challenge humanity and vitality, thus making life experiences like childbirth difficult.

Presently, Black women are (3) times as likely to die during childbirth when compared to White women. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences are among the most pivotal life experiences for new mothers. The irony and the tragedy is that Black and BIPOC new mothers often receive less support from traditional systems (e.g. occupational, financial, healthcare, family) exactly when they need it the most. This course is designed to discuss the unseen and neglected needs. This course is also designed to activate change and discuss measurable and tangible ways to improve clinical care and practice.