Developed by TCS Education System, GLOBE Talks is a dynamic exploration into topics focused on learning and radical cooperation within a global community context. Anchored on internationally celebrated themes — including humanitarianism, social justice, innovation, creativity, and global mental health and wellness — GLOBE Talks brings together TCS Education System’s collective community of change agents.

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Strategies for Self Care and Mental Health- Managing Care for Others

This presentation will provide a brief context to the importance of self-care and optimal mental health given times of crisis and when managing care for others and loved ones. Considerations will be discussed in addressing self-care and mental health with the focus on the consequences and impact on overall well-being. Participants will gain additional strategies in order to increase capacity for coping with stress while managing their caregiving role. They will consider the context of addressing self-care and mental health under stressful circumstances with particular emphasis on consequences and impact on overall well-being.