Developed by TCS Education System, GLOBE Talks is a dynamic exploration into topics focused on learning and radical cooperation within a global community context. Anchored on internationally-celebrated themes—including humanitarianism, social justice, innovation, creativity, and global mental health and wellness—GLOBE Talks brings together TCS Education System’s collective community of change agents.

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GLOBE Talks Courses Available for Homestudy​

Strategies for Self Care and Mental Health- Managing Care for Others

This presentation will provide a brief context to the importance of self-care and optimal mental health given times of crisis and when managing care for others and loved ones. Considerations will be discussed in addressing self-care and mental health with the focus on the consequences and impact on overall well-being. Participants will gain additional strategies in order to increase capacity for coping with stress while managing their caregiving role. They will consider the context of addressing self-care and mental health under stressful circumstances with particular emphasis on consequences and impact on overall well-being.

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The Past and Future of International Psychology Graduate Research: When the Global Pandemic Hits

Dr. Emma Grace’s peer-reviewed paper on internationalization of psychology has been published in the NAFSA Research Symposium Series. In this research, Dr. Grace did a meta-analysis of 132 International Psychology PhD dissertations published in the ProQuest Dissertations database. These dissertations were completed and defended by the International Psychology PhD students from all TCSPP campuses, including DC Campus, between January 2012 and October 2019. Dr. Grace is proud to share that 132 graduates have included 7,481 participants from 64 countries in their research on the psychological topics of global importance! This Globe Talk will present some of these findings and discuss the future of international psychology in the light of current challenges with COVID-19. The researcher’s international immersion, the data collection modality, the researcher’s linguistic competency, the data collection language, and other aspects of international psychological research will be discussed.

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