Using the Sexological Ecosystem to Understand and Assess Sexual Issues



The sexological ecosystem of each individual client or couple can be used to understand and assess the unique systemic interactions that contribute to sexual development and sexual health, as well as impediments to sexual pleasure and well-being. The sexological ecosystem consists of five subsystems, which range from those containing institutions most involved with the individual’s development, to the element of time, the most abstract system.

This presentation will cover the elements of and interactions within the nested framework of the sexological ecosystem including family of origin; school system; healthcare system; social justice; and the effect of the passage of time.  Next, participants will be given examples of questions that can be used for assessing the client’s sexological ecosystem and interactions between and among subsystems.  Finally, case studies will clarify how this approach can be used not only at the beginning of treatment but throughout the process of therapy to enlighten both therapist and client of variables that may be hinder or facilitate progress toward sexual well-being.

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