Mapping Sex Therapy Across the United States: Who, What, & Where Sex Therapy is Happening



This webinar will be discussing the study done by the presenters. The primary purpose of the study was to determine what someone who was interested in obtaining a provider for sex therapy would find if they simply searched for sex therapy using the Google search engine. The goal was to ascertain how someone might access providers in each state, what types of information someone seeking treatment for sexuality issues might find on provider websites, who is providing the services, what types of services are being provided, and whose services might appeal to given the content of the website. The researchers engaged in an online search for all 50 states and a target of a maximum of 10 providers were compiled from each state. The information gathered provided information related to sex therapy providers across the U.S, types of services offered, as well as potential issues related to provider competency and utilization of websites. The results of this study indicate that access to sex therapy for persons seeking a provider by searching through an online web browser yields mixed results depending on where the person lives in the United States and what their particular needs may be for treatment.

The presenters will review the study results which includes information related the content of websites, who is providing the sex therapy services based on the region, and implications for competence and ethical practice.

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