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Yoga Nidra & Hypnosis: Yogic Trance or Trance Logic?

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Eastern mind/body techniques have been integrated into psychotherapy for several decades.  The most prevalent of these is mindfulness meditation. Similarities between hypnosis and mindfulness have been noted. In recent years, there has also been an integration of the use of yoga nidra, the “yoga of sleep.” What are the similarities between yoga nidra and hypnosis?  How can an understanding of hypnosis help to better understanding yoga nidra? Can aspects of both be integrated? 

This 90-minute presentation provides an overview of yoga nidra, including its background in Indian spirituality, and the scientific literature about yoga nidra as a behavioral health intervention. It will look at the similarities and differences between it and hypnosis, and suggestions for integrating the two modalities. It was also critical look at the use of spiritual practices into western medicine for practical purposes. 

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