Mindfulness and Concentrative Meditation: The Twain Meets Hypnosis

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Mindfulness has become an established paradigm in healthcare over the last 40 years. As its popularity grew, questions began emerging about the nature of mindfulness, its relative efficacy to similar intervention strategies, safety, and, most interestingly, its relationship to hypnosis. How does mindfulness resemble and differ from hypnosis? Despite the
educated speculations, this issue has yet to be clarified from conceptual, neurophysiological, and procedural perspectives.
This webinar will examine these topics with clinicians in mind who are interested in integrating mindfulness with hypnosis. To achieve this goal, the Buddhist meditation texts will be analyzed to elucidate the two fundamental methodologies underlying mindfulness meditation. It will clarify that the contemporary mindfulness practice has capitalized on only one method (i.e., open monitoring) while ignoring the other approach (i.e., focused attention). This webinar will illuminate the close resemblance between focused-attention mindfulness and hypnosis.
The session will include the Touch-and-Return demonstration of mindfulness to facilitate the attendant’s experiential grasp of the two mindfulness meditation methods. This easy mindfulness protocol utilizes the open-monitoring procedure described in the classical Buddhist meditation texts. It also allows an application for trance induction.

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