Hypnosis & Implicit Memory: Much More Than Riding a Bicycle

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Appreciation of implicit memory and subcortical influences on emotional, attitudinal, interpersonal, and behavioral functioning and the importance of bottom-up interventions in psychotherapy are rapidly increasing. Implicit, nonconscious memory has a pervasive influence on states of consciousness, self-regard, emotions, and trauma-related

This workshop will review the multiple categories of automatic, incidental, nonconscious, and continuous learning that comprise the domain of implicit memory. The role of implicit memory in the development of trauma-related and interpersonal disorders will be reviewed. Hypnotic techniques for generating mental/emotional states that can constructively modify implicit memory will be outlined. Participants will learn to cultivate individualized reparative mental/emotional states that modify nonconscious subcortical memory. The application of hypnotic strategies for creating neuroception of safety and positive self-regard via ego-strengthening will be delineated.

This workshop will help clinicians move away from using generic scripts. Instead, participants will learn how to co-create individualized, emotionally corrective mental and somatic states that foster client empowerment fundamental to treating various disorders.

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