Assessment of Adult ADHD for Master’s Level Therapists​

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Mental health professionals who are non-psychologists may hesitate to identify ADHD in clients due to their inability to conduct psychometric testing. However, using self-report tests and taking a careful history, Masters-degree therapists can diagnose and support adult ADHD clients.

As cited in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, ADHD diagnoses among adults are growing four times faster than those of children in the U.S. ADHD symptoms persist into adulthood for as many as 60 percent of patients diagnosed while adolescents. Adults with ADHD often face challenges with organizing and prioritizing tasks, managing their time and making decisions. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can ameliorate these problems and allow those experiencing ADHD to optimize their lives. Vocational, medical and social improvement all begin with correct diagnosis and Master’s level therapists are qualified to do these assessments. In this training you will learn to use assessment tools and gather the relevant the elements of a client history.