Increasing Self-Awareness to Strengthen Cultural-Awareness


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Personal cultural awareness is a critical component for creating an effective learning environment (Counsel for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, CACREP, F.2.h; Kumi-Yeboah et al., 2020). Self- exploration is one avenue that an instructor can use for becoming culturally aware (Desai et al., 2019). This panel presentation engages the audience by using Johari’s Window (Luft, 1969) as a framework to discuss intrapersonal processes. The panel will discuss Giddings (2007) book on When and Where I Enter and how the text was instrumental for the development of the When and Where I Enter self-awareness exercise to increase cultural awareness.

Participants will learn and engage in the self-awareness exercise for exploring cultural awareness through self- exploration. Specifically, presenters explore literature supported evidence on the benefits of instructor cultural awareness demonstrated in the learning environment. In addition, research is presented on the importance of self-reflective practices to increase personal self-awareness and consequently enhance cultural awareness. Then, the panel demonstrates the When and Where I am Enter self-exploration exercise to use as a tool for developing stronger cultural awareness through self-exploration. Finally, the panel members and attendees discuss and explore the experience of using the When and Where I Enter self-exploration exercise for developing cultural awareness which can be applied in all areas of life.

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