Complex Inductions Made Easy: Neurophysiology, Social Psychology and Dissociation



This webinar will focus on training clinicians in advanced concepts of hypnosis. Although the training will be advanced, the content level will be appropriate for intermediate, or even beginning levels, based on the manner in which the material is taught. A major premise of this workshop is that hypnosis is most effective when presented in a non-linear rather than a cognitively based logical intervention.

The workshop will present scientifically based principles to distill complex hypnosis into clinician friendly-heuristics for clinicians. The science is based on what is known about the neurophysiology of brain functioning during hypnosis, social psychology (including Milton Erickson’s work), and dissociation (particularly dissociated control theories). Guided by science, this workshop will present simple, understandable steps to present hypnosis in a non-linear fashion.

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