Applying the Wellness Trinity in Communities of Color



The Wellness Trinity discussed in this course refers to the balance of the mind, body and spirit and how to maintain it when societal norms are not your reality. Because of the current climate of racial tensions around equity, equality, and injustices as it pertains to people of color living in America, there is a need for mental health professionals to become more culturally aware. This course is designed to highlight covert struggles that may be overlooked or underrealized in communities of color.

Take a look at life balance from a perspective other than your own because what you view as “normal” may not be to your clients or counterparts. You may not achieve cultural competency, but you can express cultural humility when you acknowledge the differences. Although there have been advances, mental health, physical health and religion continue to present as barriers to balance in communities of color.  Understand these issues and close the gap in the disparity.

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