Application of the Sexual Values and Behaviors Discrepancy Model with Individual Adult Clients and Couples



A review of the counseling literature indicates that counselors and helping professionals at large may lack confidence in their assessment and treatment of issues related to sexuality. Founded in theory and empirical research, the Sexual Values and Behaviors Discrepancy Model (SVBDM) is a reflective model for counselors to assist their clients in safely reducing discrepancies between their ideal and practiced sexual values and behaviors. The SVBDM is comprised of three steps: Identification and Operationalization of Potential Sexual Issues, Counselor’s Self­-Assessment, and Reducing Discrepancies and Maintaining Safety.

This program seeks to increase attendees’ confidence in treating clients with issues related to sexuality and to develop attendees’ comfort with discussions regarding sex. We offer assessment strategies and case examples with individual adult clients and couples. Additionally, we will review the potential strengths and limitations of using this model to treat client issues related to sexuality.

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