A GPS Guide for Clinical Hypnosis Treatment Planning



What does your hypnosis treatment plan look like? Do you have one? Some clinicians tend to “wing it” or rely on scripts from clinical hypnosis textbooks for treating specific medical and psychological conditions. If you struggle with generating an individualized treatment plan that addresses your clients concerns, this webinar may offer you the guidance and information you seek through case examples as well as practice opportunities for generating a treatment plan using hypnosis.

This webinar will provide pragmatic guidance for generating and implementing a therapeutic treatment plan using hypnosis. Suggestions for addressing unwanted and unexpected challenges during hypnosis sessions will also be reviewed. Based on his GPS model (Reid, 2012) for minimizing unwanted challenges during hypnosis sessions, Dr. Reid will review a number of strategic interventions through case presentations. Prior experience using hypnosis and completion of at least a Basic Hypnosis workshop is expected as this webinar will focus on generating treatment plans from case scenarios.

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