This six part educational series is presented in partnership by the Counseling Psychology Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, The Khalil Center and IBN Haldun University.

This page provides information on already concluded sessions in the series, and frequently asked questions. 

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Session 1 Post-training Information

Understanding the Mental Health Needs of Muslims & Emerging Islamically Integrated Psychotherapies presented by Rania Awaad and Abdallah Rothman

At this time Rania Awaad has elected not to share thier slides from this training. Please find Abdallah Rothman’s slides here:  


The post-training quiz and evalaution can be found here:

Session 2 Post-training Information

A Glimpse into the Living Islamic Tradition: Reading Abū Zayd al-Balkhī and Imām al-Ghazalī in light of Modern Psychology presented by Recep Şentürk and Asim Yusuf

Please find the slides used in this training here: Khalil Center Session 2 Politics of the heart slides

The post-training quiz and evaluation can be found here:

Session 3 Post-training Information

Introducing Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP): Foundations of an Islamic Orientation to Psychotherapy

Please find the slides use in this training here: Khalil Center Session 3 Slides Traditional Islamically

Session 4 Post-training Information

Traditional Islamically Integrated (TIIP) Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Scrupulosity (Waswasa) in Muslim Patients

Please find the slides used in this training here: Khalil Session 4 slides 11.5.2020

Session 5 Post-training Information

The Role of Dreams in lslamically Integrated Mental Health Practice 

Please find the slides used in this training here: Khalil Center Session 5 Slides Dreams in TIIP

Session 6: Post-training Information

The Intersection of Islamic Jurisprudence and Mental Health: A Collaborative Care Model for Islamic Clergy and Mental Health Professionals 


I missed a portion of the training, can I still receive credit?

Per our licensing agencies, attendees must be present and engaged for 85% of the training time or more to
receive CE Credit.

How do I access the recordings?

We are working with the Khalil Center to make the recordings available. We hope to have all the recordings in the series available shortly after the last session in the series. Check back here for more information as it becomes available. 

I missed the live session- what can I do?

All paricipants who registered for the live sessions will have access to the recordings when they become available. Should you prefer a refund, please request one via eventbrite. 


Do I need to take a quiz after every session? 

Yes! If you would like a continuing education certificate, you must take, and pass, the quiz provided for each session. Each session has its own quiz to complete. All quizzes for all sessions will be available until at least two weeks after the conclusion of the training program. Should you need more time, please use the “contact us” form so we can arrange accomodations.