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Current TCSPP Students can enjoy free/discounted access to many of our current Homestudy offerings!

In addition to the free courses on this page, active TCSPP students can receive discounted enrollment in the following courses:

Ethics in a Changing World 75% off general admission price. Use coupon code: TCSPPStudent2021

Surviving Suicide Loss: Journey to Healing $25.00 Tickets, Use coupon code: IASP25

Youth Suicide Prevention in a TEXTing Environment 25.00 Tickets, Use coupon code: IASP25

Reducing Youth Suicide 25.00 Tickets, Use coupon code: IASP25

Challenging Myths about Autism – What Assessors and Therapists Need to Know: Lessons from the Neurodiversity Movement $75 off general admission price, Use coupon code: SND75