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Using Self-Hypnosis for Replenishment and Equanimity

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Many individuals continue to report needing to chart new emotional pathways through an assortment of tense situations (e.g. pandemic, riots, social unrest, escalating violence, war, etc.). Especially during the holidays, providers have a front row seat to higher reports of anxiety, depression, concerns for threats to health, and the list goes on. In times such as these, it is easy for providers to diminish attending to their own emotional and physical well-being.

This webinar will bring together ideas and discuss self-care/coping strategies to buffer against emotional and physical depletion. Attendees will learn about research supporting the value of having a gratitude practice. They will also learn practical tools like self-hypnosis, which can be used daily as part of a self-care practice for replenishment and even mindedness.

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