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Universal Sexuality: An Inclusive Approach to Sexuality and Disability

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Historically, people with disabilities have been viewed as asexual beings whose sexuality and gender does not factor into identity, partnering, or the human experience. The lack of awareness of people with disabilities as having experiences as sexual beings had led to a lack of emphasis on sexuality and gender in counseling for people with disabilities. The dismissiveness of the sexual person and how sexuality and gender relate to identity is detrimental to the counseling relationship and leaves individuals with disabilities facing challenges when discussing such issues with their counseling practitioner.

This program will focus on the foundations of sexuality and gender-based counseling for individuals with disabilities and how a universal approach to sexuality and gender is applicable to individuals with disabilities, like how universal technology applies to all people. Using the lens of inclusivity, this program will discuss approaches to discussing sexuality and gender, challenges specific to individuals with disabilities regarding sexuality and gender, and will emphasize the importance of practitioner training in the area of disability.

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