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The Six Step ADHD Treatment Approach for Children and Adolescents

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Utilizing a long-term and evidence-based treatment approach for children and adolescent is essential for effective management of ADHD. This includes accurate diagnostic efforts to help identify a range of coexisting conditions that may accompany ADHD, as well as addressing home, school, and social challenges. However, many families, educators, and clinicians lack a critical framework for guidance to address foundational difficulties such as sleep difficulties and academic underachievement, as well as the myriad of developmental challenges that arise over time. This presentation will present a six-step comprehensive evidence-based ADHD treatment management model that utilizes a number of approaches and interventions for children and adolescents. Useful and specific strategies will be described for each phase so participants will increase their understandings and skills in each area.

The six-step ADHDology Treatment Model is presented as the framework to accomplish these three goals: 1) Provide a clear understanding of ADHD, which is a complex and confusing condition. Without this, clinicians may not address the difficulties and challenges appropriately, and treatment approaches may not be as successful or can even fail, 2) Teach the fundamentals about managing and treating ADHD at home and school, and 3) Provide additional and alternative approaches to treat ADHD, some of which are newer, while others have a longer history of effectiveness.

The 6 Steps of the ADHDology Treatment Approach for Children and Adolescents: 

1 – Evaluate ADHD and Other Coexisting Conditions 

  • The 10 Step Evaluation Approach 
  • Appreciating Cultural Factors When Evaluating and Treating ADHD 

2 – Learn About ADHD 

3 – Address and Manage ADHD at Home 

4 – Address and Manage ADHD School Issues 

5 – Consider Medication Treatment for ADHD 

6 – Utilize Additional and Alternative ADHD Approaches and Treatments

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