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The Elegant Therapeutic Dance of Self-Disclosure in Sex Therapy

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This presentation uses Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a lens to explore two clinical cases and the utility of self-awareness and self-disclosure in therapy and supervision. Critical Race Theory (CRT) has garnered much attention over the past ten years but has been around since the Civil Rights and feminist movements of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. With a focus on individual perspective and racial subjectivity, CRT sheds light upon some of the structural inequities embedded within White supremacy that impact individual, relational, and systemic functioning. The field of sex therapy is no exception as some of its research, clinical ideologies, and praxis leave minimal space for visibility and viability for practitioners of color. 

This presentation highlights the evolution of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its implications for sex therapy and supervision. This workshop assumes that practitioners hold a myriad of identities (oppressed and privileged) that are negotiated in clinical sessions that can be invitational or oppositional to clients’ needs. Self-awareness is needed as it relates to how race/ethnicity are managed. Moreover, self-awareness and self-disclosure are critical for contemporary sex therapists to be transformative change agents and advocates for the clients they serve.Professional Psychology maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

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