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Surviving Suicide Loss: Journey to Healing

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The foundational objective of this presentation is to educate the participants on the impact of suicide among those who are survivors of those whom they have lost. This population is defined. To fulfill this objective, the information for this presentation will primarily come from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and organizations who conduct research and activities centered around suicide prevalence, prevention, and support for those who have attempted and those who have lost someone to suicide. Some statistical data from the World Health Organization and others will be included to describe the latest statistics around suicide.

The second objective of this presentation is to provide background information on survivors of suicide loss that is lacking in global discussion, experiences of those who have encountered loss from suicide. The third and final objective is to provide resources and information that can be used for survivors of suicide loss and next steps for healing. The need for support aimed at this population group is essential and discussed. Information regarding recognition of grief related to this group will be discussed as well as self-care activities as it relates to the impact the suicide on those left to absorb the trauma from this act.

These three objectives will enhance the participants understanding of need for discussion, support, and impact of suicide among survivors of suicide and how to best assist them in getting assistance or connect to community or national resources to prevent delayed grief reactions and lead to healing and acceptance.

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