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Spanish 101 for Mental Health Providers

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According to Deborah Bailey and Bruce Hogan (2019), while 18% of Americans identify as Hispanic, less than 6% of Psychologists in the U.S. can provide services in Spanish. Even more concerning, is that less than 50% of Psychologists interview in this survey felt extremely knowledgably in working with Hispanic individuals (Bailey and Hogan, 2019). This proposed webinar series seeks to engage TCSPP students, faculty, and community members in creating a more inclusive environment in mental health settings by introducing non-Spanish speakers and Spanish speaking mental health professionals to the basic words and phrases needed to work with Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) clients in a culturally competent manner.   

Due to the increasing need of the Spanish speaking population in need of therapy services with an understanding of the language and cultural characteristics of the Latin community, these four, one-hour workshops will train mental health clinicians and current students to speak properly with clinical lingo to the population. 

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