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Hypnosis versus Psychedelic Therapy: An Ethical Quandary?

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Advanced students of hypnosis and/or psychotherapy will learn to tease out any ethical dilemmas inherent in choosing between the use of hypnosis and/or psychedelic therapy in the clinical setting. Students will learn determining factors for decision making when offering options for therapeutic care that may include hypnosis and/or psychedelic adjuncts. They will learn why such protocols are indicated and/or contraindicated and how to determine appropriate usage of these protocols.

Video-taped and other interview material will be discussed interactively in the session, so that students can then draw conclusions about the ethical merits and detractors in clinical usage of hypnosis/psychedelic therapy. Assessments of states of consciousness will be shared and critiqued interactively as well to determine the most effective use of these instruments in clinical practice with clients/patients employing hypnosis/psychedelic-assisted therapies. Ethical and practical issues regarding the use of assessments in clinical practice will also be explored, including critiquing the choice of hypnosis versus psychedelic modalities based on research data gleaned from the use of assessments.

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