Help! I Can’t Leave Work “at the Office”: Navigating Wellness When “at the Office” Means Working from Home

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April 7, 2021

9-10am CT

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Nikole Klatka, BA

Description: The statement “leave your work at the office” has taken on a whole new meaning since COVID-19 forced the world of counseling into the virtual sphere. Although counselors, counselor educators, and students recognize the need for self-care in the field, achieving this has become difficult without the physical separation of work and home. To overcome this, new strategies for self-care and wellness must be taught to encompass virtual counseling.
Learning Objectives:
Participants will understand what wellness means, as it relates to the virtual world of counseling.
Participants will discuss how a virtual world creates unique barriers for counselors, educators, and students who want to maintain self-care and wellness. Participants will identify 4 new wellness/ self-care strategies that have been adjusted to meet the needs of a virtual world.