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Creating Effective Hypnosis Interventions for Chronic Physical Symptoms

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Chronic physical symptoms that have already proven unresponsive to the usual medical treatment methods can present formidable challenges in healthcare. Clinical hypnosis offers unique techniques for addressing medically unresponsive symptoms, but for the best effects the clinician often has to apply treatment differently for those problems than in other therapeutic applications of hypnosis. In this webinar, Dr. Palsson will provide participants with a detailed overview of a specific structure and set of essential elements in hypnosis treatment that together produce high probability of improvement in chronic and stubborn physical symptoms.

The success of this approach has been empirically demonstrated in published research on GI disorders, including IBS, functional abdominal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and esophageal disorders, but the same framework is equally useful for creating successful hypnosis treatment for other chronic health problems, such as migraine and fibromyalgia. This includes the approach to the chronic medical patient, formulating the hypnosis sessions to contain key principles that maximize therapeutic impact, and crafting suggestions and metaphors that effectively target psychological and physiological processes that influence body symptoms.

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