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Basics of Cross Cultural Communication

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The purpose of this course is to introduce and/or reintroduce, strengthen and build upon basic skills necessary for everyday life. Because of social media and virtual relationships, communication has struggled. Racial injustice and an overall lack of respect for diversity is again rampant in our society. This is not a new barrier to peace, but it is a recurring hinderance to community. We are now living on edge as a culture because communication and social interactions are in turmoil. Cultural competence will not be achieved if the basic skill of appropriate and effective communication is not mastered.

As individuals, we are most certainly responsible for our own actions, but we are to remain sensitive to the needs of others. The community does not thrive if we think only as individuals.  Ignoring the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires of others promotes selfishness, not community. The course seeks to rebuild strong communities by teaching strong communication and social skills.

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